KLM U13-U16 (Divisional)

(Full-field Soccer for 2011-2008 born)

*KLM Soccer Club follows the evolving recommendation and guidance as outlined by provincial health and sports authorities including the BC’s Restart Plan, BC CDC, ViaSPort and BC Soccer. 

Program Highlights:

  • Inclusive package led by qualified, friendly staff coaches
  • 2 weekday practices and a weekend game all led by a dedicated, staff coach
  • 1 league game on Saturdays for boys and Sundays for girls
  • Club-focus remains on creating a ‘great soccer experience’ for each player
  • Players are placed on teams based on their experience, commitment, and ability
  • Developmental and recreational-level teams all play 15+ league games
KLM divisional teams play under the umbrella of VYSA (Vancouver Youth Soccer Association) and the BCCSL (BC Coastal Soccer League). Divisional players are streamed into competitive and recreational levels (Division 1,2,& 3) with an increased level of commitment and expectation for higher levels. Welcome (back) to KLM!

Event Details


Program Divisionals U13-U16 (2023-2024 Season)
Participants Girls & Boys
U13 (2011), U14 (2010), U15 (2009), U16 (2008)

First week: Sept 5th – 11th, 2023 projected
First games: Sat/Sun, Sept 17th/18th, 2023 projected
Season: September 2023– March, 2024 (6 months)


KLM has no control over league schedules; all clubs, teams, and officials are obligated to follow them.

Holidays Winter Holidays: Dec 12th – Jan 4th
Games are typically not scheduled during Thanksgiving (mid-Oct) or Family Day weekend (mid-Feb). The club notifies team officials, who in turn notify players & parents of all schedule changes ahead of time.

Teams practice twice per week under qualified staff coaches.

Practice Schedule: (subject to changes)
U13 Chelsea- Wednesdays- Trillium (5:00-6:15pm) Thursdays- Memorial (5:55-6:55pm)
U13 Mustangs- Wednesdays- Vantech South (6:00-7:15pm) Thursdays- Empire South (6:45-8:00pm)
U14 Barcelona- Wednesdays- Vantech South (7:15-8:30pm) Thursdays- Empire South (6:45-8:00pm)
U15 Spurs- Wednesdays- Vantech South (6:00pm-7:15pm) Thursdays- Empire North (6:45-8:00pm)
U15 Impact- Wednesdays- Vantech South (7:15pm-8:30pm) Thursdays- Empire North (6:45-8:00pm)

Game Times The league typically schedules divisional games late morning to early afternoons. Boys play Saturdays between 8am-8pm; girls play Sunday between 8am-8pm; with the occasionally Friday evening game between 6-8pm. Games range from 70-90 minutes depending on age group. ‘Away games’ are played against other clubs across Greater Vancouver. Typically, the higher the competitive level, the farther the teams can expect to travel.
Home Fields

Trillium Park – Turf (600 National Ave)
Vantech – Turf (2650 Slocan St.)
Memorial South Park – Turf ( 5950 Prince Albert St. @ 45th Ave)
Andy Livingstone – Turf (98 Keefer St)
Empire Fields – Turf (2901 E Hastings St.)
Hillcrest Mini – Turf (4501 Clancy Loranger Way)
Riley Park- Grass (Ontario St., north of 33rd Ave)


Equipment Players require shin-guards and cleats; be mindful of shoe-wear for the different fields. KLM provides team jerseys, black shorts and socks which players should wear only on game days. Think weather-appropriate clothes. (See Common Questions below)
Weather The Fall/Winter seasonal programs and leagues will be cancelled in severe or sudden adverse weather conditions or in the case of a Public Health Order. If this is the case, parents will be notified via email of any cancellations.  The club will not be responsible for refunds if we are unable to reschedule any missed sessions due to weather or a Public Health Order. See Common Questions below regarding ‘Field Status’.


Program Details

Program Divisionals U13-U16 (2023-2024 Season)
Registration KLM emails ‘program start reminder’ to parents in late August.
Registration fees, timeline, refund policies, etc:

All KLM players receive the same comprehensive package to the benefit of the players and their teams.

U13-U16 KLM Package:
– $475 early-bird, $575 after March 5th
– Qualified staff coaching for both practices & games
– 2 weekly practices and league games
– 6 months of soccer!

Refunds are available prior to June 1st. See Common Questions below for details.

Coaches Teams are coached by parent volunteers. Teams can opt for a staff coach for an additional fee.
Volunteers Please see Common Questions below regarding volunteering & coaching opportunities.
Play levels KLM works to ensure the best development and experience for all players. Teams are balanced based on positions, commitment and competitive levels. Please visit the website to learn more about our player assessment process at http://klmsoccer.com/assessments.
Questions Please look below to see answers to our most common questions.
Email additional questions, concerns, or suggestions to: info@klmsoccer.com


Common Questions: Safety Related

Safety is first. Please make coaches aware of any potential injuries or illnesses.

Appropriate Clothing?
For practices, players can wear shorts or pants. For games, players need to wear their team jerseys, shorts, and shorts. Note, players can wear thermal-wear under their shorts & jerseys for games. For cold and wet weather, please consider soccer-appropriate hats, gloves, rain-gear or thermal-wear to keep warm. This is a parent/player responsibility.

Common Questions: Field Status

City of Vancouver updates their field status every Friday afternoon:

Common Questions: Participation-Related

Player Development
Need more soccer? Speak with your coach to learn about more opportunities.

KLM Goalkeepers
Goalkeeping require a different skill set and training. All interested KLM players will have the opportunity to learn goalkeeping, as well as receive training.

Parent Volunteers
KLM is a non-profit youth sports organization supported by the dedication of staff and volunteers alike. Please contact info@klmsoccer.com if interested in volunteering for  KLM.

Common Questions: Money-Related

Financial Assistance?
KLM proudly supports soccer for all players, irrespective of financial capacity. Contact info@klmsoccer.com to arrange to speak about financial assistance through KidSport. Learn more about KidSport in your city; visit KidSport-Vancouver at: http://www.kidsportcanada.ca/british-columbia/vancouver

Refunds are possible prior to deadline, less a $50 administration fee. The refund deadline for the upcoming season is June 1st. See www.klmsoccer.com/registration for further details. Requests and questions are to be emailed to the Registrar at info@klmsoccer.com.

Uniform Deposits?
Uniform deposits are coordinated prior to season start.

Common Questions: People-Related

Bringing Issues Forward?
There are always surprises in youth soccer. Remember that fields, times, etc may be adjusted for many reasons, and sometimes at last minute. Please work with staff to model healthy and proactive communication. Please let your team coach know if you have concerns, or if needed, forward your comments to feedback@klmsoccer.com and an appropriate KLM director will get back to you.

Giving back to KLM?
KLM is a community and volunteer-run organization. We genuinely and deeply thank the participation and support of everyone involved.

Field Locations