Policy Governing Respectful Engagement with Coaches and Referees

All KLM players, parents and spectators must treat KLM coaches and referees with respect at all times. KLM has a zero tolerance policy for abusive behaviour directed towards coaches and referees. Abusive behavior of any kind, including but not limited to verbal, emotional, and physical abuse will not be tolerated.

Any individual/parent/guardian who exhibits abusive behaviours towards coaches or referees will be prohibited from being present at the field during practices, games, tournaments and any KLM organized activities indefinitely.

Should the individual/parent/guardian not comply and return to the field at any future time without written consent from the KLM Soccer Club, their membership with the club will be terminated immediately and their child may be removed from the team. In such a circumstance, a pro-rated refund will be issued and they will be assisted in finding a new club should they require assistance.

KLM Soccer Club
Community Over Competition

Updated May 22nd, 2022