Communication Protocol for KLM Soccer Club Members


This policy outlines the preferred communication methods for members of KLM Soccer Club to ensure efficient and effective handling of inquiries and concerns. By establishing clear communication guidelines, we aim to streamline processes and provide consistent support to our members.

Communication Channels:

( a. ) Primary communication channel: Email
( b. ) Secondary communication channels: Phone (limited to callbacks in rare circumstances)

Email Communication:

( a. ) Members are encouraged to communicate with the club staff primarily through email.
( b. ) Emails should include the following details:

    ( i. ) Child’s name
    ( ii. ) Age group
    ( iii. ) Team name
    ( iv. ) Nature of inquiry or concern

( c. ) All email inquiries will be addressed in priority order, based on receipt of communication

Redirecting to Website:

( a. ) If inquiries pertain to information readily available within club policies or registration pages on the club website, members will be redirected to those specific web pages.
( b. ) Club staff will provide direct links or instructions to navigate the website for relevant information.

Phone Communication:

( a. ) Phone communication will be reserved for rare circumstances involving complex issues that cannot be adequately addressed via email.
( b. ) Club staff will initiate callbacks to members when phone communication is deemed necessary.

Respectful Communication:

( a. ) Members are expected to communicate respectfully and professionally with club staff.
( b. ) Any communication containing disrespectful, offensive, or inappropriate language will not be tolerated and may result in appropriate actions as per the club’s disciplinary policies.


( a. ) Club staff will maintain confidentiality regarding all communications with members, ensuring the privacy of sensitive information shared.

Policy Review:

( a. ) This communication policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains relevant and effective.
( b. ) Any updates or revisions to the policy will be communicated to members in a timely manner.

By adhering to this communication policy, we aim to foster transparency, efficiency, and positive interactions between KLM Soccer Club and its members.

KLM Soccer Club
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Updated January 3, 2024