KLM Tykes (U4-U6)

(2017-2015 born)

*KLM Soccer Club follows the evolving recommendation and guidance as outlined by provincial health and sports authorities including the BC’s Restart Plan, BC CDC, ViaSPort and BC Soccer. 

Program Highlights:

  • Qualified & friendly team of staff coaches teach soccer skills alongside physical literacy
  • Age-appropriate activities encourage movement, dexterity, soccer skills, and fun
  • Club-focus remains on creating a ‘great soccer experience’ for each player
  • Hillcrest East
  • Free T-shirt for all KLM Tykes!!
  • No hidden fees!!

KLM believes in beginning our youth players’ soccer careers under the guidance of qualified staff coaches. Coaches lead structured activities and games to ensure fun, consistency in development, soccer success, and a continued love of the game. Welcome (back) to KLM!

Event Details

Program KLM Tykes (U4-U6), 2020-2021 Season
Participants U4 (2017), U5 (2016), U6 (2015) girls & boys
Dates First day: Sat, Sept 12th, 2020
Season: September – March, 2021 (6 months)
Holidays Winter Holidays: Dec 7th – Jan 3rd projected
The club notifies parents of all schedule changes ahead of time.

Hillcrest East Field (grass)
U4/U5: 9am-10am
U6: 10am-11am


Players are to arrive 5 minutes before each practice, dressed appropriately.

Indoor Gyms N/A

Hillcrest East (grass field)
Hillcrest Community Centre northside, along Peveril Ave at 28th Ave


Equipment Players require shin-guards and cleats; be mindful of shoe-wear for the different fields. KLM provides a free KLM Tykes T-shirt to all participants. Think weather-appropriate clothes. (See Common Questions below)
Weather We play rain or shine. KLM notifies parents by 7pm Fridays of field closures as is determined by the Vancouver Park Board and/or Vancouver School Board. See Common Questions below regarding ‘Field Status’.


Program Details

Program KLM Tykes (U4-U6), 2020-2021 Season
Registration KLM emails ‘program start reminder’ to parents in late August.
Registration fees, timeline, refund policies, etc:

There are no hidden fees at KLM such as “volunteer fee”, “assessment fee”, and “academy sessions” which can double seasonal registration costs. All KLM players receive the same comprehensive package to the benefit of the players and their teams.

U4-U6 KLM Package:
– $195 early-bird, $245 after September 1st
– Qualified staff coaching
– Age-appropriate fun, teaching, and competition
– 6 months of soccer!

Refunds are available prior to September 1st. See Common Questions below for details.)

Coaches Staff coaches are assigned by the club, and supported by the KLM Technical Director.
Volunteers Please see Common Questions below regarding volunteering opportunities.
Play levels KLM works to ensure the best development and experience for all players. Young players are encouraged to explore all positions, and are provided the opportunity, time, and coaching to gain confidence and success.
Questions Please look below to see answers to our most common questions.
Email additional questions, concerns, or suggestions to: info@klmsoccer.com


Common Questions: Safety Related

Safety is first. Please make coaches aware of any potential injuries or illnesses.

Appropriate Clothing?
For cold and wet weather, please consider soccer-appropriate hats, gloves, rain-gear or thermal-wear to keep warm.

Common Questions: Field Status

City of Vancouver updates their field status every Friday afternoon:

Common Questions: Participation-Related

Player Development
Need more soccer? Speak with your coach to learn about more opportunities.

Parent Volunteers
KLM is a non-profit youth sports organization supported by the dedication of staff and volunteers alike. Please contact info@klmsoccer.com if interested in volunteering for your child’s age-group or KLM. Youth teams also rely on the dedicated support of parents each week for communicating player availability, punctuality of players, goal net set-up, etc. Be part of making KLM better!

Common Questions: Money-Related

Financial Assistance?
KLM proudly supports soccer for all players, irrespective of financial capacity. Contact registrar@klmsoccer.com to arrange to speak about financial assistance through KidSport. Learn more about KidSport in your city; visit KidSport-Vancouver at:

Refunds are possible prior to deadline, less a $50 administration fee. The refund deadline for the upcoming season is September 1st. See www.klmsoccer.com/registration for further details. Requests and questions are to be emailed to the Registrar at registrar@klmsoccer.com.

Common Questions: People-Related

Parental Attitudes?
Parents have a big impact in youth sports. Modelling positive attitudes, sportsmanship, respectful behaviour and spectator roles is integral to success in youth soccer. Help our coaches make KLM soccer positive for all involved.

Bringing Issues Forward?
There are always surprises in youth soccer. Remember that fields, times, etc may be adjusted for many reasons, and sometimes at last minute. Please work with staff to model healthy and proactive communication. Please let your team coach know if you have concerns, or if needed, forward your comments to feedback@klmsoccer.com and an appropriate KLM director will get back to you.

Giving back to KLM?
KLM is a community and volunteer-run organization. We genuinely and deeply thank the participation, support, and humour of all parents involved. Go KLM!

Field Locations