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A Coach’s Creed

The primary responsibility of a youth soccer coach and educator is to help the young players to have fun, learn and improve. This responsibility is greater for a youth coach and educator than any other official in the club or league. Coaching and Teaching must be conducted for the joy and long term development of the players – and for no other reason!

KLM Coaches Code of Conduct

Each coach is expected to:

  • Fully understand and embrace the role of a youth soccer coach & Educator, see section “The role of the Coach” for more details.
  • Fully understand and embrace the concept of coaching from the Touchline, see section “Coaching from the Touchline” for more details.
  • Fully understand and 100% adhere to the rules as stipulated under the section “Referee Relations”. As a coach, leader and educator the coach sets the example for the players and the parents. Coaches are not permitted under any circumstances to yell at the referee or dispute calls.
  • Teach the concept of sportsmanship to players. This means promoting fairness, developing a team respect for the ability of opponents as well as for the judgment of officials and opposing coaches. Above all keep in mind that a good sport is a good loser as well as a graceful winner.
  • Any, and all, fines and performance bonds, issued to the club, or the coach, by the governing soccer bodies, as determined by the said soccer governing body disciplinary committee, and as a direct result of coach misconduct, are the sole responsibility of the respective coach and must be paid in full by the coach, prior to the respective coach returning to any KLMSA sponsored soccer activities.
  • Coaches must be aware of, and educate the team players on the ‘Players code of conduct’ as outlined in this document. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their team players during team practices and games.
  • Coaches must be aware of, and educate the team parents and spectators on the ‘Spectators/Parents code of conduct’ as outlined in this document. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their team parents during team practices and games.
  • Be positive and promote a strong self-acceptance and healthy self-image in all participants. Only criticize players in a constructive manner and NEVER in an abusive or put-down manner.
  • Avoid over-playing the talented players, knowing that average players need and deserve equal time. Ensure all players average at least half a game over the course of the season.
  • Refrain from the use of harsh, abusive or profane language, as well as discouraging it’s use. Since young players often look up to the coach, this adult plays an important role in building character in kids.
  • Be reasonable in demands placed on the players. This is about improving the skills of the kids and not about boosting your own ego.
  • Do not engage in poaching, or attempting to poach, players from other KLM teams, or teams from other clubs. The coaches are not permitted to approach any player of official from any other team or club regarding a player potentially joining ones team. Any, and all, conversations pertaining to player movement must be conducted via the KLM Head Coach and must follow the KLMSA, VYSA and BCSA rules for player movements between teams and/or clubs.
  • Always put the long-term well-being of players’ first understanding children participate in soccer for fun and enjoyment. The main goal is building stronger kids for the future, not just a winning team for the present.
  • Always follow the Sportsmanship and Game etiquette guidelines as outlined in this document
  • Coaches must be aware of, and always follow, the “coaches responsibilities and player safety guidelines” as outlined in this document.
  • Coaches must be aware of, and always follow, the “care and prevention of injuries guidelines” as outlined in this document.

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Coaching Development

KLM is totally committed to COACH DEVELOPMENT. It is imperative that we train and educate our coaches under the direction of the KLM Head Coach. This initiative is crucial to the future success of KLM.

We are committed to developing our coaches to the highest level possible through a quality instructional program. KLM believes that by developing good coaches, they in turn will develop good players.

The KLM Head Coach will initiate in-house coaching clinics and teaching programs for entry level coaching for Tykes and Mini team’s parents.

KLM promotes and encourages participation in all BCSA sponsored or recognized coaching clinics for personal coaching development and growth.

The KLM Head Coach will utilize paid professional coaches when and as deemed necessary by the KLM Board to enhance KLM coaching programs.

Guidelines and Rules of Play

The following links are to documents regarding rules of play and guideline for coaches. The repository for all documents can be found by following the . If you cannot find a document, please contact your age group coordinator.

Coach Application Process

KLM Soccer Club 2022-2023 Season Coach Application Process

KLM offers soccer programs for girls and boys aged 3-17 and operates in the central Vancouver area. KLM is a community based non-profit society, organized, administrated and operated mainly by volunteers. The club strives to include all, irrespective of ability to pay. KLM Soccer is now accepting applications for volunteer and paid coaching positions for Under 4 through Under 18 age groups for the 2022-2023 season.

For Coaches interested for Head Coaching & Assistant Coaching positions for Under 4 to Under 18 teams please complete the following Coach Application Form below. U4 to U18 teams will have a Senior Staff Coach present at every session. Upon approval of your application all coaches will be required to complete a Criminal Record Check and the Respect in Sport Activity Leader training course prior to any field coaching with children.

Certification Requirements For KLM Coaches:

Canada Soccer has developed the Canada Soccer Pathway (LTPD) and tailored the Coach Education Program into a two-streamed model (Community Stream and Licensing Stream). BC Soccer is responsible for certifying coaches across the province and is offering coach education in conjunction with Canada Soccer. Coaches are required to obtain certification in the age category they intend to coach. Coaches shall comply with this requirement within six (6) months of their Coach appointment with KLM. Canada Soccer Association foreign equivalency may be applied.

Age Group BC Soccer Course
U8  Fundamentals
U9 – U12 Learn to Train
U13 + Soccer for Life

Coaches may be selected on the following basis:

  • History of coaching with KLM
  • Coaching certification
  • Playing background
  • Coaching reputation
  • Age group of son/daughter in KLM (if applicable)

Club Requirements (prior to coaching):

  • Criminal Record Check (must be updated every three years)
  • Complete Respect in Sport Activity Leader (KLM will coordinate for volunteers)
  • Review of the KLM Coaches Code of Conduct

Club Requirements (after placement):

  • Attend on-online coaching seminar provided by the club periodically during the season (2 times per season-1 hour per session)
  • Attend on-field coaching clinic provided by the club periodically during the season (2 times per season- 1 hour per session)
KLM Coach Application Form

Successful coach applicants will be contacted by the Player Development Team and provided with instructions on how to complete the Criminal Record Check and Respect in Sport Activity Leader Team training course prior to team placement.

KLM Soccer Club would like to thank all applicants in advance for their interest in coaching with KLM. For further information, please contact the Player Development Team: