KLM Assessments (2020-2021)

KLM Assessments – KLM Players (U11-U18)

The purpose of traditional soccer assessments (U11-U13)  and tryouts (U14-U18) are to offer players who wish to the opportunity to be placed on more competitive teams. KLM agrees with and strives to have players of similar abilities playing together as part of our long-term player development strategies. However, the club also acknowledges that the traditional soccer assessment process can be flawed, arbitrary, and failing to benefit the players it is designed to evaluate. The process may be a disservice to our kids as it creates anxiety for some players and can be perceived as minimizing the seasonal contributions of others.

At KLM all U4-U15 teams are led by qualified paid staff coaches. As staff coaches spend upwards of 70+ hours a season with our players during training sessions and games, we believe our staff coaches, in collaboration with our Technical Director, are in the best positions to determine the future playing level of the players in comparison to the traditional 2-day, 2-hour season-ending evaluation. KLM club’s technical staff continuously evaluates the appropriate level for players to compete at for the current and next season.

At KLM, assessment are not about evaluating the individual’s value as a soccer player. The club uses assessment processes to ensure each KLM player is tiered into the level of game-play that offers them personal success, overall development, and a great experience.


New To KLM? Assessments – Opting-In! (U11-U18)

KLM welcomes guest players to attend a “First Tryout Session.” These are team practices designed to welcome, get to know, and assess new players to KLM. Assessments are free. Guest players are to email 72 hours in advance to request an invite. We look forward to meeting you and seeing your skills!

First Tryout Sessions – KLM 2020-2021:

U11 Boys & Girls (2010 born) –  Fri, Mar 6th – 5:30-8pm (TBA)

U12 Boys & Girls (2009 born) –  Fri, Mar 6th – 5:30-8pm (TBA)

U13 Boys & Girls (2008 born) –  Fri, Mar 6th – 5:30-8pm (TBA)

U14 Boys (2007 born) –  Sat, Mar 7th – 4:30-6:30pm (TBA)

U15 Boys (2006 born) –  Sat, Mar 7th – 4:30-6:30pm (TBA)

U16 Boys & Girls (2005 born) –  Fri, Mar 6th – 5:30-8pm (TBA)

U17 Boys (2004 born) –  Sun, Mar 7th – 4:30-6:30pm (TBA)

U18 Boys (2003 born) –  Sun, Mar 7th – 4:30-6:30pm (TBA)


New To KLM? Assessments – Opting-Out! (U11-U18)

Assessments are optional for all incoming players to KLM. For new players preferring a more causal team or not to be assessed, please complete the online Assessment & Try Out Registration Form below and remember to check the tick-box, “I wish not to be assessed.”

KLM Assessment Timeline for 2020-21:

1) Coach Evaluations, TD-Coach Discussions (February 18th – 26th)
KLM staff coaches submit year-end player assessments to our Technical Director. Were we have had more than one seasonal coach, each coach submits their own. The Technical Director discusses with KLM staff coaches regarding each individual player on their respective teams. With this determination, players are now considered OFFICIALLY ASSESSED.

2) Registration Week One (February 23rd-29th)
2020-21 Seasonal Registration goes live! Check the website for latest changes. Players have one week to register in time for preliminary team determinations and player placements. A generous early-bird discount is available to all and the refund date has been extended to June 15th (U11-U18). Be apart of it! It is going to be an exciting year.

3) Team Determinations, Player Placement (March 1st)
The club makes preliminary determinations regarding number of teams for next season at each age group, though final team and play-level determinations are made after spring soccer. Technical Director begins placing players on appropriate teams, based on number of registered players and their assessments. Note: Only registered players are placed on teams. And the club can no longer guarantee roster spots after March 1st. KLM works to provide financial support options; we encourage families to confidentially reach out to our register (by March 1st).

4) Tryout / Guest Tryout (March 1st-9th)
U7 &U18 Divisional teams with volunteer coach will be provided with at least 1 open tryout date in March. These are team practices designed to attract and assess guest players.

5) Player Placement Notification (March 9th-15th)
Confirmation emails are sent to inform players of the team or program they are assigned to. Emails are typically sent from youngest age-groups to oldest (ie. U18 receives notifications on March 15th).


We encourage all players planning to play next year to sign up alongside their teammates between Feb 23rd to March 1st. This helps the club, the TD, and coaches plan for the upcoming year.

*Please note current KLM players cannot be placed on teams prior to registration.

Assessment & Tryout Registration Form

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What is the difference between Assessments and Evaluation?

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